The Stand Up Challenge

We live very sedentary lives compared to our ancestors of not long ago. Lay in bed, drive your car, sit at your desk, sit on the couch. Sit, sit, sit. It’s no wonder we are facing an obesity epidemic. I find myself often seeking out a seat not out of fatigue but habit. The more I sit, the more tired I become. It’s strange but true. Recently I challenged myself not to sit for an entire day unless I had to. Aside from driving or answering nature’s call, I stood from the time I awoke to the time I went back to bed. To make up for my sitting time I did 2 jump squats for every minute I was in a seat, which wasn’t much. I was amazed how much harder it was than I thought it would be. My feet ached, my back and hips were tight, and after purposefully skipping my workout that day, when I finally laid down in bed I was TIRED. And I’m a fit guy. It was a great illustration of the detrimental effects  sitting has on my body and how much energy is expended in daily passive movement.

Here is my challenge to you. Try not to sit for a day one weekend. If you use a computer, do it standing up. Walk instead of taking a short drive and perform some make up exercise if you must sit. See for yourself what effect it has. You may be surprised. I have incorporated conscious standing into my daily life and my energy has increased quite a bit. Good luck and good health. J. NyQuist

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