There is one thing every person on this planet can do to improve their health immediately. The best part is it’s free. In fact your’e already doing it right now. Sort of. It’s BREATHING!
Most peoples breathing patterns are disfunctional and incomplete. This can lead to physical and mental stress, weak/ tight thoracic and neck muscles, and a host of other related problems. Over time physical changes can take place that only reinforce these shallow breathing patterns. It becomes increasingly difficult to take a natural complete breathe as we were designed to do.
The diaphragm is the primary mucle used for breathing. Muscles in
between the ribs called intercostals assist the diaphragm by elevating
and rotating the ribs. Some of the musculature of the upper body and neck can also assist in breathing as well. Unfortunately these
are the muscles many people rely on for respiration. The diaphragm,
then intercostals and finally upper body accessory muscles are order
of importance in proper breathing.
By taking conscious deep breathes you can strengthen and stretch the muscles involved in respiration. First breathe into your lower stomach. This should extend your lower abdomen out. This will ensure a complete contraction of your diaphragm. Next, during the same breathe, expand the breathe sideways through your ribs,
where your arms hang. This involves your intercostals. Finally, without straining, fill your upper chest with air, completing the
There are many breathing exercises you can do, but this is a general deep breathing technique that can be done anytime. Even one deep breathe performed while stressed can work wonders. Personally, if I could only do one thing for my health, deep breathing would be it.

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