Green Smoothie

I like eating vegetables. I like drinking them much more. I’m a busy man. I don’t have a lot of time to cut up salads and and they don’t always keep nicely over the course of a couple days. That’s why I blend them into a smoothie. I affectionately call my concoction “Green Sludge” and with it I can drink a large nutrient dense salad in under a minute. It may not be for everyone but if you like it, it can be a very convenient way to get plenty of vegetables in your diet on a daily basis. Here is my recipe…

Spinach or Kale





Lemon juice


You can add or subtract anything you like but I find only using a  hand full of ingredients makes things easy. I rinse and cut up the vegetable just enough to fit into the blender blades, adding one vegetable at a time. Also adding a little water may help it blend better. It will be thick and sludgy coming out of the blender. When I drink it I fill half a glass with “sludge” and top the rest with water. Stir and drink. I make 4 servings at a time and have one a day. I find the lemon juice helps keep it fresh and can’t tell the difference between the first days serving and the last. I swear by it and if you find it hard to fit enough vegetables into your diet or don’t like eating them, I definitely suggest you give it a try.


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