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3 Simple Exercises To Improve Your Balance

Balance is an element of training that is often overlooked but is very important to athletic performance and everyday activities. As we get older our sense of balance and reaction times degrade making it that much more important that you make it a vital part of your training routine. There are many balance training devices […]

Exercise Spotlight- Burpee Pullups

The Burpee Pullup is a great strength training exercise that is also a high intensity fat burner so it’s just as good for weight loss and cardiovascular conditioning as it is for toning muscles. Only my most advanced personal training clients can handle it. Here is how it is done… Pick a number or amount […]

Exercise Spotlight: Squats

I’m sometimes asked, “I’ve heard squatting is bad for the knees, is that true?” Short answer, NO! The squat is the king of lower body exercises. It primarily works the thigh and butt muscles, but is in actuality a full body core movement. Squatting is not bad for the knees as long as you do […]